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Nilorn Worldwide is a unique global company with a long heritage that dates back almost 50 years.

Our Head office is located in Boras, Sweden, where Nilorn was born and where we have inherited our global design and responsible attitude.

Our skill and expertise, Adding Value to Your Brand in the world of garment labelling, packaging and trims is demonstrated by our extensive customer portfolio.

We offer complete, creative and tailor-made concepts in the areas of branding, design, product development and logistic solutions.

Our sales and manufacturing base spreads across UK, Mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey, China, India, Bangladesh, HK and Pakistan.

Nilorn have been actively working on and developing responsible sustainable products since 2009 when we launched our first concept focusing on sustainability.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of everything we do – design, production, material sourcing, suppliers, logistics and circularity.

Our aim is to be a genuinely environmentally responsible company, not just selling eco-friendly products when we are asked for them.

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