Coats Digital


Coats Digital

Coats Digital empowers the fashion supply chain driving sustainability through a digital ecosystem of connected, intelligent applications embedded with deep industry expertise.  Our proven applications optimise end-to-end processes and utilization of resources, connect people and accelerate development, costing, sourcing and manufacturing. 

Coats Digital offers two specialist application suites:

  • The Brand Suite helps brands, retailers and sourcing businesses streamline, control and accelerate the entire new product development, costing, sourcing, vendor capacity planning and order execution lifecycle. 
  • The Manufacturer Suite ensures that manufacturers are able to respond quickly efficiently and sustainably to buyer demands.  Best in class applications proven to transform the manufacturing value chain, from product development, through costing, to planning, control and order execution.


Ultimately, Coats Digital solutions support an integrated, agile and optimised supply chain, which is sustainable for all supply chain partners, people and the planet.

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