Olivia Dowie


 Olivia Dowie

Olivia Dowie

Riley Studio , CEO

Olivia Dowie joined Riley Studio as CEO in January 2019. As an experienced and energetic leader, Olivia wants to help continue growing the business whilst remaining committed to their environmental ethos. 

Prior to joining Riley Studio, Olivia worked at luxury tour operator, Black Tomato for 5 years where she climbed the ranks to Head of Business Development and was named one of the travel industry’s A List C&IT “30 under 30”. She then moved on to become CEO of Belinda Robertson, a luxury cashmere brand, where she developed the sustainable arm of the business. In the process of reviving the heritage brand, she built the “Life After Love” programme that recycled old cashmere into new accessories. 

At Riley Studio, Olivia will continue to put her passion for simple everyday sustainability into good use. She is committed to educating customers on how they can buy better quality, eco-innovative products which will help play a role in reducing the amount of waste created by the fashion industry. Olivia along with the whole team at Riley Studio are committed to further experimentation with materials and textiles and creating meaningful wardrobe staples that consumers will love, not only for their design but for the story behind the fabrics.

From a young age, Olivia has always been self-motivated and commercially savvy. While studying History at The University of Edinburgh, her passion for business became apparent through the development of her own ventures in charity, cooking and fashion. When she is not helping build and develop Riley Studio as a brand, she is staying active by running marathons, skiing or mountain climbing. An avid traveller, Olivia aims to visit her 60th country by 2020!

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