Michela Fulgoni


 Michela Fulgoni

Michela Fulgoni

Beffi Studio , Founder

Beffi Studio is a small craft reality where clothes and hair accessories are ethically made.

It’s a creative spot that gives importance to simple things and their beauty, putting people and the environment right at the centre. Beffi Studio's aim is to propose something beautiful, comfortable and versatile, made to last and that can be handed down through generations. That’s why Beffi Studio creates sizeless, adaptable and transformable clothes supporting every type of femininity, while sharing and encouraging creativity.

The showpiece product is Pita, a transformable dress/coat that can be worn in many different ways and occasions to never get bored of it. It's "one size" with the purpose of fitting a woman during her whole life. All Pita offcuts are saved and reused to handcraft hair accessories and bags, following zero waste philosophy.

Everything is handmade in UK using fabrics carefully sourced in London, Italy and around the world embracing local traditions and guaranteeing unique pieces that have a story to tell. All Beffi Studio products are carefully handmade with special attention to details and sustainability, from the product itself that is sartorially made to the recycled and recyclable packaging.

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