Lucy Tammam


 Lucy Tammam

Lucy Tammam

House of Tammam , Owner

Ms Tammam is a sustainable couturier & slow fashion supply chain expert.

Ms Tammam has spent over 15 years researching and developing fully monitored ethical fashion supply chains, which track the process of creation from fibre to finishing to ensure sustainability, ethical standards for workers and cruelty free production.

An alumna of Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, Tammam's high end, award winning, sustainable fashion label, has showcased across the world, gaining acclaim and a loyal fan base. The Tammam reputation has been built on a unique aesthetic, passion for perfect fit and dedication to ethical manufacture and traditional craftsmanship.

Ms Tammam offers her expertise as a sustainable fashion consultant and is a regular guest lecturer on sustainability in the fashion industry at universities across the UK and beyond, as well as a sustainability expert for national and international media including the BBC.

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