The Drapers Sustainability Pledge

The Drapers Sustainability Pledge

We are asking attendees to Drapers Sustainable Fashion to each make a pledge, and commit to one action they can take to become more sustainable. 

To lead by example, we are going to make our own pledge: to rid Drapers events of single-use plastics from now onwards.

We want to challenge the fashion industry to create a great product without damaging anything else. Driving change and taking a stand for responsible fashion, this event will be the launchpad for the Drapers Sustainability Pledge.

We will be asking all participants to name one specific action they will commit to over the coming year. We will gather all the individual pledges and, ranked by their popularity, create the list of the top 10, which will become the official Drapers Sustainability Pledge 2019. Participants will be asked to sign the pledge.

We will be following up on the progress of the pledge at a series of roundtables throughout the year with a select group of signatories. They will be invited to talk about their individual commitments and report on their progress – and any challenges they face.

Collectively, we will explore the ways to make effective and lasting change for a cleaner, greener and more ethical fashion industry.

We will revisit the pledge at Drapers Sustainable Fashion 2020 in a dedicated session and follow up on the progress of those who signed it in 2019 – whether they’ve achieved what they set out to do, the challenges they encountered and the agenda for the year ahead.

Sign our pledge, and take action for a sustainable future for fashion!

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