What new innovations, solutions and technologies out there can help with the fashion industry’s sustainability challenges?

With big industry names acquiring start-ups in this space, it’s clear that the appetite for innovation is at a high.

Fashion retail businesses need to understand the sustainability solutions out there. They want to discover the companies that can help them create, plan, design and deliver in a more sustainable way, from material innovation through to consumer insights.

By partnering with us for Drapers Sustainable Fashion you can:

  • Align your brand and solutions with critical, innovative subject matter
  • Reach a truly engaged audience of industry leaders and innovators
  • Take the opportunity to share your journey, highlight your experiences and tangibly demonstrate your businesses solutions

If you are interested in being involved in 2024, please contact Victoria Clubley on victoria.clubley@emap.com to discuss your business objectives and find the right solution for you.

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