Priya Downes
Priya Downes
CEO and founder

Nudea is a B Corp certified, sustainable underwear brand founded by Priya Downes in 2019. Nudea’s mission is simple: to create supportive and functional underwear that looks great, feels great and is kinder to the planet.
Nudea’s founder, Priya Downes, previously worked for the World Bank on poverty and environmental projects. A pioneer and champion for the importance of sustainability in fashion well before sustainability was what it was today. Priya brought her wealth of expertise to the world of commerce after working at top luxury brands before creating Nudea with sustainability at its heart. From the outset, Nudea has been committed to its ‘CareMore’ ethos of ‘buy less and care more’ by not compromising on quality and having sustainable and ethical business practices at heart.
Nudea is carbon-neutral and extremely proud to have recently achieved B Corp status so early in the brand’s journey.

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