What’s it about?

We want to change how we think about fashion and how to make great clothes without damaging anything else. With that in mind, we are creating an event that will go to the heart of what it takes to change fashion for good.

Brought to you by Drapers, the event will bring together the world’s most sustainable brands and retailers, trailblazers and disruptors, progressive thinkers and pioneers to discuss how can this be done and why change is not optional.

We expect between 200 and 250 top level sustainability champions from across the fashion industry from both the UK and internationally to attend the event.

Programme Outline

Keynotes (9am – 1pm)

The first half of the day will be dedicated to a series of keynotes - a combination of stand-alone talks, interviews and debates, which will be presented by world’s leading retailers, brands and experts who are pushing the sustainability agenda in fashion retail. They will focus on how to turn fashion business into an ethical, environmentally friendly and profitable industry.


Why sustainability must become a byword for fashion The fashion industry is starting to improve its sustainability credentials, but there is still a long way to go – and doing nothing is no longer an option. One of the fashion’s most powerful advocates of ethical fashion will tell us how the industry can become a standard-bearer for sustainability.

The business of sustainability

How should the fashion industry manage the transition to sustainability without compromising the bottom line? What are the long-term gains of responsible fashion vs short-term wins of business as usual? What is the role of investors and shareholders in the sustainability journey?

Circular fashion – an antidote for a throwaway culture?

A circular business model – that eliminates waste, minimises negative impacts, and is ultimately restorative and regenerative – is seen by many as a viable, clean alternative to process-intense, disposable fashion. As an industry what do we need to move to a circular economy?

Cleaning and greening the supply chain?

The fashion supply chain is highly fragmented, which makes tracing the provenance of materials and their environmental impact difficult to track. As the industry starts to take responsibility for its environmental footprint, what will the supply chain of a futureproof business look like?

Transparency in fashion: are we doing enough?

Suppliers can run factories on tight margins and subcontract work out to third parties – but retailers and brands need to look all the way along the supply chain to ensure it is free from exploitation. The Rana Plaza tragedy was a wake-up call, but can we be sure it will never happen again?

Profit forecast: reaping the rewards of responsible fashion

A growing crop of accelerators and investors are kick-starting innovation in sustainable fashion. They tell us why – despite the limited pool of skilled specialists and long timelines – now is the right time to invest in this growing sector and what the returns might look like.

Trailblazers and unicorns: the shape of things to come The fashion industry of the future is likely to look dramatically different from today: technological advances will create a landscape that is resource-neutral, shareable and recyclable. We get a glimpse into a future in which ethical, renewable and regenerative business is the norm.

InAction! showcases (2 – 4pm)

The afternoon will be all about turning ideas into practice. From clothes made from recycled bottles and mobile repair stations, to the next generation of laser and 3D technologies, we will showcase the projects and initiatives that are pushing the boundaries for sustainability.

If you have a game-changing innovation – it could be anything from recycling, reuse/repair or a ground-breaking business operation or new technology – we want to hear from you. Whether it is a simple but effective idea or a tech development, we want to share the real-life examples of best practice and innovations that are transforming the industry at a grass-roots level.

There will be two sets of showcases running concurrently on two specially configured stages with interactive elements and audience engagement. Six fifteen-minute showcases will take place on each stage:

Stage 1 will be about responsible innovation, where we will showcase the best sustainable materials - often made of the unexpected – and best reengineering, recycling and processing techniques.

Stage 2 will be about responsible business and will showcase business models, supply chains, reuse and end-of-life, and new tools and initiatives - technological or otherwise - that are centred around sustainability.

Start-up hub (running concurrently with the main programme)

Start-ups are the engine of innovation. Brands and retailers can leverage their agility and fresh thinking to remain relevant. Start-ups need adoption and to upscale to drive change. We will bring the two together in our start-up programme, which will include a demo zone and Dragons’ Den-style competition – where a select group of start-ups pitch their innovation to the industry’s movers and shakers ¬– and start-up clinic for one-to-one advice from investors and accelerators.

Start-up hub is for businesses under five years, but beyond the proof-of-concept stage who are looking to scale up. Get in touch to learn more.

TBC: (5pm – 6pm)

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